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The President’s last Campaign Speech

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You know I had watched Obama’s first National speech at the DNC in 2004. He was very good. Everyone was asking who is this guy? A State Senator from Illinois? He could be President one day.

Those were prophetic words. In a couple of years he had become U.S. Senator and then President. Everyone had a good word for this rising star.

A lot has happened since then. Things went downhill as soon as he became President. Whether it was his inexperience or association with hard lefties like Pelosi, trying to promote a too far left agenda or whatever the reason may be he left us in a huge mess. Our economy went downhill, Debt increased to the tune of 6 Billion. An enormous number of people unemployed , under employed, on poverty lines, food stamps, unhappy , suffering and mad as heck!

Whatever it was about the rising star that night in 2004 , it didnt work on a National level. We are acutely aware of that failure today than ever before.

Tomorrow when we go to the polls or TODAY since this is after midnight, we will vote for someone else.  Someone totally different. A former Governor of the same State where Obama made that 2004 speech.

Mitt Romney.

I just watched Obama last speech in Iowa which he gave with some emotions, knowing it was his last campaign speech. I saw a different man today.  Somewhat defeated, knowing that he has failed his tenure as a President, knowing that within 24 hrs Mitt Romney will be the projected winner, the Nominee for the Presidency. A Republican for whom he had much disdain. A man whom he repeatedly blasted over campaign ads, insinuating horrible things in his character just to win a few thousand votes in Ohio.  Mitt Romney the conservative faithful who never drank coffee or alcohol, who methodically inched his way up the Presidential ladder, with multiple attempts and many prior defeats. Mitt Romney who is hungry for this job and will win it in 24 hrs after a long-fought heroic battle for over 4 years.

Not all men leave office in honor. Many are kicked out, resign or leave in disgrace. For someone like Obama who started off on a glorious note as he did in 2004 this is an abrupt halt to a ride on the wave of success that he got swept into.

Many Democrats and people who voted for him in 2008 are disappointed and many ask why? why did you fail us. We wanted you to succeed. Why did you become so enarmoured by the Presidency and forget you had a job to do?

Remorse hasn’t set in yet, I can tell. But this is probably a lesson that he needed to learn in his life. Not to take his opportunities for granted.  Tonight there was a tragic note to his voice.

Tomorrow is a new day.

A new Presidency for Mitt Romney.

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