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Final Debate Tips for Romney.

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The final Debate . A lot is riding on this for Romney. Not so much for Obama. His track record for the last 4 yrs will not be helped or hurt by a few Debates. But people don’t know Romney yet. So these Debates are essential for him to establish a sense of confidence and for people to decide if they want him in their living room for the next 4 years.

What Romney needs to do is stay on the offensive. Just like the last two Debates. Romney, Don’t change your demeanor. Stay focused. Go agggressively at Obama. That is what people want you to do. Be brave and aggressive.  Obama has already misled people, given different accounts of the Libya story and then argued he didn’t say what he said or parsed words to make it sound different. Not only that he has even used the moderator in the previous Debate to mislead people, which both him and the Moderator backtracked on 5 mins after the Debate. Romney should mention this somewhere. Quote Obama’s exact words. Maybe ask Obama to clarify what he really meant , the version he told to the 70 Million audience in the second Debate or the version he gave Mr Ladka  ( the guy who asked the question) two mins after the Debate. Should we believe what he said in The View, Univision ( repeated by his Ambassador Susan Rice and his Press Secretary Jay Carney)  or should we believe him now. Its like were you lying then or are you lying now? And why…. What is the motivation for this equivocation Clinton style. Parsing of words . We know Clinton was trying to lie for his sexual misdeeds. What is Obama’s motivation. That he wants to win this Election by hook or crook? That truth doesnt matter. He will mislead people, say anything while in his official capacity as President? How much is this Election worth to him that he would go down this path of cover ups and misleading. We the tax payers deserve to know how he is handling our security. Pat Smith needs to know why her son was denied security after Ambassador himself cabled for more security. How strange was it to imagine that on 9/11 there would be some random demonstation out of the blue when they have been repeatedly warned by example of other attacks on Embassies recently. Who cooked up the video story? and why? To mislead people in an Election year so people are not led to doubt his foreign policy credentials? These are the questions that Romney needs to ask Obama. Because it is evident Bob Schieffer will not ask. The tax payer have a right to know. Someone needs to ask these questions.

As Newt suggested , WE the tax payers are offended that Obama is offended by Libya questioning. We have a right to know. Romney has a right to know.  Obama is answerable to the 70 million audience thats watching. How dare he act offended and as if he is beyond reproach. He cannot carry on this misleading game with impunity and act indignant when questioned. He is an elected Pres not a King. We elected him he is answerable to us and we have a right to fire him when he evades responsibility!

Romney needs to insert some idealism in the Debate. Mention the Constitution, keep it positive, mention America the beautiful. Sing if you have to. Keep it human.  Keep that Pastor’s face when addressing the people in closing, after being super aggressive through the Debate. Mention God. Romney, In the end ask for people’s vote humbly. Play on people’s discontent, mainly economical. Mention jobs, economy, debt, medicare what peope are worried about and instil confidence. Obama had his chance he blew it. Now is the time for a change. mention your wife, her illnesses and how you stood by her. get misty eyed if you have to. Biden does it all the time about his first wife. Thats important for women to know that you sympathize with their medical issues. Mention empowerment of women which primarily comes from economic independence. To not be beholden to any man, govt or employer to give them freebies, rather be empowered to afford their own. Mention Catholic Church how their rights have been violated. Mention Obamacare, that you wil REPEAL Obamacare on day one. Don’t forget to say this three times to rally your base.

Romney needs to be prepared to handle two people, Obama and the Moderator. He needs to have quips ready. He needs to read the Debate rules and call the Moderator out when he steps out of line. You know that will happen.  When Obama starts losing , Bob Schieffer will step in and try to help him by some misleading info, something he will reverse after the Debate. Also be prepared to be interrupted a lot more than Obama does, to be given less time to speak than Obama.  I still think people are wise to Obama and Moderator’s games now. I feel that provided Romney keeps his aggression, knowledge and personality (some singing ? )  he will win the Debate.

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