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Debate tips for Romney

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Romney is riding high on his previous Debate success.

For the second debate he needs to :

Look Presidential

Be intuned to the people’s questions, be empathic.

Prosecute Obama hard on Benghazigate, press him on Economy ( remember this is not Obama’s strong suit so he is likely to say something ignorant when pressed) ask him for ideas, how he would grow the economy instead of status quo. (Rob Peter to pay Paul , keep juggling, grow nothing, diminish economy and when you need money to squander, extort the business owners or job creators  with some new tax or fine)

Be aggressive without being smarmy. You did a great job in the last Debate.

Look at Obama , he seems to get intimidated by eye contact with you.

Look at the camera when you are about to say something funny or pleasant. The feel-good lines.

Prepare for some aggression coming from Obama. But counter that with aggressive intelligent ideas of your own thus making him look like all aggression and not enough intellect.  A dumb thugster.

Obama will try hard to pander to women through abortion scare tactics. He will try to pander to minorities by inflaming his social justice theme.  Tell him that you dont want to appeal to the lowest common denominator and base fears. Rather you want to appeal to people’s highest dreams and aspirations.  No nation has ever succeeded by class warfare. And if he tries to bring up women’s cancer screening, mention your wife who is a cancer survivor and that you stood by her.

Make sure to reiterate I will repeal Obamacare at least 3x to rally your base.

Your demeanor should be: Mr Pres, you dont have a resume. If I had a sick company I would NOT hire you ( with your community organizer experience) at its helm. You have never even owned a lemonade stand in your life. You are uniquely UN-qualified to handle a trillion $ economy. Not at the expense of our hard working tax earners.

Look comfortable in a townhall setting. Warm up to the audience.

The Dems mantra is : Take Romney out! Take him out hard.  Your counter punch should be : It’s over buddy. I’ve dealt with bigger fish. You are a nobody. Don’t try to bully me thugster.  You have no resume. I can see right through you. Game up.

Show outrage at the fact that he squandered our tax money to the tune of 6 Billion and has NOTHING to show for it.  Tell him that you are here to STOP this. You won’t let him squander ONE more dollar of our hard earned money.  You will not allow him to steal from Medicare to fund Obamacare. You will not let him diminish our national security that our military fought so hard for. This is why you are running. Not for money, not for celebrity fame, you don’t need that. 

Remember  that Obama has a lot to prove. He will use tacky words, cliches and try to arouse negative emotions. You just need to hold your ground, not be pushed around by his aggression, look Presidential and press him hard on issues. Dont let him get an edge in words or scream over you. Be polite but very tough. Remember you are about to become the next President and take this unqualified man’s job. He wont quit easily. But you know how to handle him. You have the support of millions of people that is why you are up in every poll!

Good luck!

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