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Revealed : How the Dems have rigged the VP Debate

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I am shocked and troubled to hear Martha Raddatz who is a good friend of Obama, even had him as her wedding guest, will be moderating the VP Debate just as the Dems are losing steam and desperately needing a good Debate to rise up in the polls.

With less than a month left for the Elections and so much riding on this debate was it wise of ABC to find a woman who has a personal relationship with Obama. Whose former husband got huge favors from Obama when he was appointed the head of FCC?

The fact that she had tried to hide this connection instead of offering full disclosure as soon as she was picked, makes it even more suspicious.

Why was she picked?

Which begs the next question. If her former husband is Obama close friend and beholden to Obama for his FCC job can one really trust that she will not lend a helping hand to his campaign which is on life support now!

Romney won the first Debate and got ahead in all polls just a week ago. The Dems are in panic mode right now. Is it a stretch to imagine Obama will try to call in a favor and get the question list for his VP to gain an advantage over his opponent ?

Some 70 million people will be watching. Is it fair to rig the Debate this way, ABC? Why couldn’t you find someone more objective.  It sullies your own reputation. Jim Lehrer for all his shortcomings was not a biased Liberal media hack or a buddy of Obamas.

If Biden does extremely well you know this will be highly suspicious. Did he get the question list in advance? Did he practise for a week while Paul Ryan didn’t have a clue what the question list would be. Why do you want a shadow of such doubt hanging over your network.

If this was a trial I am sure for the purpose of fairness the Judge would have to step down. Isn’t a Presidential Elecetion just as crucial as that? Why risk it by picking this woman as moderator, of all people!

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