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Debate Tips for Paul Ryan

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Obama media lapdogs are fuming at the mouth. The Dems are frustrated and hoping to unleash on Paul Ryan next week for the Romney Debate win.

Romney has just started gaining steam. The dems will do anything they can to halt this momentum. So far Romney hasn’t said anything to distract from his successs. The Dems are hoping Paul Ryan will provide an Achilles Heel which will help them bury the success of this Debate and start focusing on that Debate.

Which means Paul Ryan has to outperform Romney’s success.

High stakes and high pressure.

I think he can do it.

-He needs to first highlight his selling points, personality, likeability, youth.

-Prepare his facts and figures to be precise because that is where the Dems think they will get him , on some discrepancy and call him a liar.

– He needs to analyze Biden’s weaknesses. Biden underneath his jokes and friendly uncle persona is the most bitter nasty partisan.  He is also overly emotional and can go off on a tangent when provoked.  So, either provoke the nasty Biden or the emotional blabbering Biden. If you can do either or both its over. You will come out looking like the golden boy , philosopher prince.

– Watch old debates and see what pushes his buttons. He has his weaknesses. When Biden goes off on a tangent he makes a prize ass of himself all by himself. You want that to happen.

– Paul, You want to portray a message of hope to a nation that has feels duped, restore faith in the faithless hearts and heal the wounded in spirit. You can do it. In your closing statement  as well as when you get a chance to drop a few words of encouragement here and there. It will also make Biden look really jaded.

– Expect some sympathy cards to be played by Biden when he inevitably brings up his dead wife for the nth time.  But hopefully the damage will be done by numerous gaffes and talking too much.

– Don’t let Biden challenge you into explaining some long drawn out plan of yours or Mitt’s which is confusing with a lot of areas they can jump on. Keep things simple for the viewer. If he pushes ask him a difficult question and let him explain.

– Always mention Romney’s plans and Romney’s message to make it clear you are a team. Many people thought Sarah Palin was out for herself and not a team with McCain. Let them not think the same about you. Sound like a team player and a standard bearer for the conservative movement , tea party, young Repubs, liberatarians, disillusioned partiless people, the lost and the hurting.

– Noone can advocate the topic of Medicare better than you. But get your facts checked. Do not misquote any number. They will jump on it you know it. Address the seniors and warn them about rationing and death panels which Obamacare has brought already into their lives. Sneakily its crept into their health care. Tell them its been a uphill battle for conservatives to repeal it. Romney is our last hope for repealing Obamacare. They should vote for Romney to get their individual power back, not be at the mercy of panels, rationing and also get their $716 B back which is their money.

–  Address the youth. People who have not known any politician’s name other than Obama. Explain to them what you and Mitt represent. They will listen. Many will identify with YOU more than they did with Obama. Remember Obama is the President now, higher stature, patronizing! You can talk to them on their level and relate to them better.  You are also younger and know what a student or young adult wants.

– The main topic in this Election is the economy. Your forte! This is why you were chosen to be VP ( aside from your conservative tea party following ) The economy is not exactly Biden’s forte.  You will have an edge on that.  Rally the base.

– Read up on foreign policy. Get names, locations, dates exact. Biden is not in a good position for this topic in light of recent events. Lucky for you! This was Biden’s forte. But now the Admin has made a mess of this.

-Finally do the one thing Romney could not do. Address the Evangelicals. Quote from the scriptures to make your point. (false prophets etc) That should be enough to get their attention. Then explain to them the principles that are being violated right now.  Ask them to stand up and defend their principles of Jesus which every Christian must do. Also mention how Obamacare is forcing the Catholic Church to pay for contraceptives against their will.

– Just be your happy and humorous self. Bring your mom Betty. She is a crowd pleaser!

Good luck!

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