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Post Debate tips for Romney

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First Debate over. Romney won. Now what?

How does Romney maintain this momentum until the Elections?

How does he win hearts and minds and not fall for some dirty tricks orchestrated by the Obama lapdog media?

A few pointers as to what he should do :

– Stick to as many Fox interviews as possible. O’Reilly, Hannity, Greta, Cavuto have Romney or Ryan on as much as possible.

– Hammer the swing states with pac ads. Use excerpts from the Debate. Let people see how inept Obama looked and sounded. Obama clearly has/had NO plans to fix the economy in the next 4 years. He has not even studied it much.He came unprepared without any facts figures or details. Maybe he missed his economy briefings in favor of The View?

– If I were an undecided voter I would not trust Obama at the helm for the next 4 years, Its like he didnt care to study the issues very well. Even when he knows his political career is in jeopardy. I dont think if he won re-election he would suddenly feel the urge to study the problem and fix it? Make this point in the ads over and over again.

– Romney campaign send the most savvy operatives to go on TV. Do not send RINOs like Joe Scarborough to go on Meet The Press. They will hurt more than help.

– Do as many rallies as you can in OHIO . They are voting as we speak.

– Play up the death panel and rationing part. Obama was very dumb to engage in discussions about those topics. Seniors will be scared when they hear that.

– Don’t lose the momentum you gain after this Debate. Be on top of your game. Keep that aggression.

-Balance your toughness on the economy with your sensitive musing about the Constitution. That was very touching.

Good luck!

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