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Bogus polls and oversampling

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According to polls nearly ALL states are leaning towards Obama and even the loser Dem Senate candidates are winning. How did this happen? Must be the awesome Obama handling of the economy …. or the skillful handling of mid east violence! I am being sarcastic of course. Is there any verifiable reason why people have suddenly fallen in love with Obama if polls are to be believed ? Especially after they voted Dems out of Congress in a landslide just two years ago? There is no explanation and if you are a Obama zombie you better believe it, dont ask questions and eat your peas.  

There is an explanation, the Dems say. People just dislike Romney that much. Really? Why then are the unknown Dem Senate candidates winning in the same polls? Makes no sense. These candidates are not running against Romney. Especially since they claim the hugely popular Tommy Thompson of WI is losing his Senate race and Obama is up in Red States like Arizona and NC?

I think its a carefully orchestrated propaganda by the Lib media. Obama has overspent all his money as usual . The man couldn’t balance a checkbook if his life depended on it. He is desperately trying to raise more money and this propaganda he thinks is not only going to help him raise money it might even demoralize the Republicans into not going to the polls.

I am not fooled by it and it will only strengthen the determination of the Republican voters. We need real change and we need a new Admin.

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