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The OHIO strategy

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Ohio in any Presidential race signifies a make or break State without which no Republican candidate can win the WH.

Current polling shows Romney is behind just a little. But then this year the polls are highly misleading with oversampling of Dems which is putting Obama ahead even in Red States which is hard to believe.

Having said that what would it take for Romney to win Ohio?

It can be done. Remember Ohio is more or less socially conservative. Romney needs to tell people Obama is a gay marriage supporter who will nationalize gay marriage. Obama is also a self-professed income redistributor, using working people’s tax money on wasteful projects like Solyndra and Obamacare. Obamacare will put an additional financial burden on people to the tune of 6 million working people. Obamacare is also forcing the Catholic Church and its subsidies to pay for contraceptives against their faith. The reason Ohio hasn’t suffered too badly is largely due to their Republican Governor. Governor Kasich should take this election very seriously. There is a possibility that there will be rampant voter fraud. He needs to have security, cameras, ID checking and whatever devices he deems appropropriate at Dem polling places. He needs to verify absentee ballots. He needs to make sure overseas servicemen and women are able to mail in their ballots in a timely manner. If Romney can make his case and Kasich can prevent voter fraud Ohio will be won by Republicans.

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