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Is Romney to blame

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I am tired of hearing from every Liberal pundit and even some Republicans how un-saleable Mitt Romney is. That the swing state polls should have Obama down by 20 points. Why is it that he is slightly ahead? It’s Romney’s fault. He is not charismatic enough. Not glib enough to sell himelf as a viable alternative. Too scary for the middle class voter.

While I also feel that the swing state polls are strange I would not attribute that to being Romney’s fault. There could be a variety of reasons for Obama being ahead by a few digit points in all of these swing states. First I think they are over sampling the Democrats. Not that many Democrats are going to rally behind Obama this time. Espcially people who had already voted for him last time. They have buyer remorse. A lot of them never voted before or voted Republican before. They thought they were doing something noble. Unfortunately they feel guilty now. Not only have they suffered, their family has, their neighbors have. Secretly they are all saying : We gave you a chance. You had your chance you blew it.

When times are hard, people are hard on themselves. They are trying to stretch every dollar, making budgets for their families, working those extra few hours to supplement the loss in income over the last four years. These people are not in a generous mood to give Obama another shot, some more leeway, some more rope like he is asking for. They don’t have that chance themselves , that extra leeway under his Administration. They are not feeling the largess, the generosity of spirit that they extended to him 4 long years ago.

Obama’s strategy seems to be to paint Romney as an untrustworthy guy. Someone who doesn’t have everyone’s interest at heart. As if his character alone disqualifies him from winning the Presidency. The likeability factor.

Strangely though that strategy might backfire. The last thing Romney should do now is try to be another Obama in likeability. The contrast between him and Obama is stark enough and that should stand. He stands as the un-Obama just like Obama once stood as the un-Bush. Whether people vote for Romeny depends on the degree of their disillusionment of Obama. If their life and economic status has taken a hit during the last four years they will vote for the un-Obama. If they are still doing fine and their life has not been significantly affected by the downturn in economy they will vote for Obama. Which means the wealthy Hollywood crowd, the Liberal TV pundits, the welfare recipients who have never held a job and doesnt ever aspire to, these people’s lives have not changed due to the economic downturn. While they are a small percentage NOT half, these people will vote for Obama. Even people who are Liberals but who have been hard hit by economy will not vote for idealogy alone. They may still like Obama but they will lack the enthusiasm to go and vote for him.

And despite the negative ads against Romney you have to see WHAT the ads are focusing on. To be honest they are attacking irrelevant areas of his life. Does anyone care where the Romneys bank? What he did in high school or what is in his tax returns? Romney never did anything SO bad as to downturn an entire country’s economy, downgrade our Nation’s credit. He never did anything SO horrendous as to cause damage on a vast scale such as this Adminstration has. You can say his vices are small because he has never been President. So he laid off a few people in his company. Is that it? His policies never caused chaos and violence abroad because he has never had that opportunity to cause so much destruction. But that logic is hypothetical. As it stands Romney’s bad acts are small and insignificant and no matter how much the Dems try to blow them up to a larger than life size it is very hard to sell.

Most people don’t believe the case the Dems are making against Romney. Most people believe he is a smart, hard working but boring guy with few distractions. He wil not spend most of his days at the golf course, or parties every night, or lavish vacations. He will do what he has always done in every job. Work in an obsessive disciplined way. Finish projects he has started. The story that he will rob the middle class blind and give their money to the rich is a myth. Is there any proof or past behavior that indicates this pattern? Did he do this at the Olympics or in MA where he dealt with people’s tax money? How many Solyndras did he fund with middle class people’s money? How many Stimulus did he dole out? None. He does not have a track record which can bolster the Dem’s claim that Romney while in a political job misappropriated middle class people’s tax money in any substantial way.

Romney should just do rallies and bus tours through swing states now. Let people see him, hear him. They will not be put off by who he is. They do NOT want another Obama.

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