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The President’s last Campaign Speech

You know I had watched Obama’s first National speech at the DNC in 2004. He was very good. Everyone was asking who is this guy? A State Senator from Illinois? He could be President one day.

Those were prophetic words. In a couple of years he had become U.S. Senator and then President. Everyone had a good word for this rising star.

A lot has happened since then. Things went downhill as soon as he became President. Whether it was his inexperience or association with hard lefties like Pelosi, trying to promote a too far left agenda or whatever the reason may be he left us in a huge mess. Our economy went downhill, Debt increased to the tune of 6 Billion. An enormous number of people unemployed , under employed, on poverty lines, food stamps, unhappy , suffering and mad as heck!

Whatever it was about the rising star that night in 2004 , it didnt work on a National level. We are acutely aware of that failure today than ever before.

Tomorrow when we go to the polls or TODAY since this is after midnight, we will vote for someone else.  Someone totally different. A former Governor of the same State where Obama made that 2004 speech.

Mitt Romney.

I just watched Obama last speech in Iowa which he gave with some emotions, knowing it was his last campaign speech. I saw a different man today.  Somewhat defeated, knowing that he has failed his tenure as a President, knowing that within 24 hrs Mitt Romney will be the projected winner, the Nominee for the Presidency. A Republican for whom he had much disdain. A man whom he repeatedly blasted over campaign ads, insinuating horrible things in his character just to win a few thousand votes in Ohio.  Mitt Romney the conservative faithful who never drank coffee or alcohol, who methodically inched his way up the Presidential ladder, with multiple attempts and many prior defeats. Mitt Romney who is hungry for this job and will win it in 24 hrs after a long-fought heroic battle for over 4 years.

Not all men leave office in honor. Many are kicked out, resign or leave in disgrace. For someone like Obama who started off on a glorious note as he did in 2004 this is an abrupt halt to a ride on the wave of success that he got swept into.

Many Democrats and people who voted for him in 2008 are disappointed and many ask why? why did you fail us. We wanted you to succeed. Why did you become so enarmoured by the Presidency and forget you had a job to do?

Remorse hasn’t set in yet, I can tell. But this is probably a lesson that he needed to learn in his life. Not to take his opportunities for granted.  Tonight there was a tragic note to his voice.

Tomorrow is a new day.

A new Presidency for Mitt Romney.

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Mitt Romney and the number 7. Why he will win.

This may be an unusual look into Mitt Romney’s life and career. But the number 7 has come up in his life repeatedly. It seems that whenever something important happens in his life it is marked by a 7.

Mitt Romney was born on March 12th, 1947.

He started Bain Capital in 1977.

His first born was born in 1970.

Mitt Romney served as the 70th Governor of the State of Massachussetts.

Since I don’t know him personally , I am sure he will cite many dates which has a 7 in it !

To the Election 2012 :

Every Election held on Nov 6th since Lincoln has had a Republican Presidential winner . All 6 of them. Romney will be the 7th when he wins.

When the Election results are declared it will be late at night, which means he would be projected a winner on Nov 7th 2012.

I also believe that he will win by a landslide by a 7 percent higher popular vote.

We shall see 🙂

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Final Debate Tips for Romney.

The final Debate . A lot is riding on this for Romney. Not so much for Obama. His track record for the last 4 yrs will not be helped or hurt by a few Debates. But people don’t know Romney yet. So these Debates are essential for him to establish a sense of confidence and for people to decide if they want him in their living room for the next 4 years.

What Romney needs to do is stay on the offensive. Just like the last two Debates. Romney, Don’t change your demeanor. Stay focused. Go agggressively at Obama. That is what people want you to do. Be brave and aggressive.  Obama has already misled people, given different accounts of the Libya story and then argued he didn’t say what he said or parsed words to make it sound different. Not only that he has even used the moderator in the previous Debate to mislead people, which both him and the Moderator backtracked on 5 mins after the Debate. Romney should mention this somewhere. Quote Obama’s exact words. Maybe ask Obama to clarify what he really meant , the version he told to the 70 Million audience in the second Debate or the version he gave Mr Ladka  ( the guy who asked the question) two mins after the Debate. Should we believe what he said in The View, Univision ( repeated by his Ambassador Susan Rice and his Press Secretary Jay Carney)  or should we believe him now. Its like were you lying then or are you lying now? And why…. What is the motivation for this equivocation Clinton style. Parsing of words . We know Clinton was trying to lie for his sexual misdeeds. What is Obama’s motivation. That he wants to win this Election by hook or crook? That truth doesnt matter. He will mislead people, say anything while in his official capacity as President? How much is this Election worth to him that he would go down this path of cover ups and misleading. We the tax payers deserve to know how he is handling our security. Pat Smith needs to know why her son was denied security after Ambassador himself cabled for more security. How strange was it to imagine that on 9/11 there would be some random demonstation out of the blue when they have been repeatedly warned by example of other attacks on Embassies recently. Who cooked up the video story? and why? To mislead people in an Election year so people are not led to doubt his foreign policy credentials? These are the questions that Romney needs to ask Obama. Because it is evident Bob Schieffer will not ask. The tax payer have a right to know. Someone needs to ask these questions.

As Newt suggested , WE the tax payers are offended that Obama is offended by Libya questioning. We have a right to know. Romney has a right to know.  Obama is answerable to the 70 million audience thats watching. How dare he act offended and as if he is beyond reproach. He cannot carry on this misleading game with impunity and act indignant when questioned. He is an elected Pres not a King. We elected him he is answerable to us and we have a right to fire him when he evades responsibility!

Romney needs to insert some idealism in the Debate. Mention the Constitution, keep it positive, mention America the beautiful. Sing if you have to. Keep it human.  Keep that Pastor’s face when addressing the people in closing, after being super aggressive through the Debate. Mention God. Romney, In the end ask for people’s vote humbly. Play on people’s discontent, mainly economical. Mention jobs, economy, debt, medicare what peope are worried about and instil confidence. Obama had his chance he blew it. Now is the time for a change. mention your wife, her illnesses and how you stood by her. get misty eyed if you have to. Biden does it all the time about his first wife. Thats important for women to know that you sympathize with their medical issues. Mention empowerment of women which primarily comes from economic independence. To not be beholden to any man, govt or employer to give them freebies, rather be empowered to afford their own. Mention Catholic Church how their rights have been violated. Mention Obamacare, that you wil REPEAL Obamacare on day one. Don’t forget to say this three times to rally your base.

Romney needs to be prepared to handle two people, Obama and the Moderator. He needs to have quips ready. He needs to read the Debate rules and call the Moderator out when he steps out of line. You know that will happen.  When Obama starts losing , Bob Schieffer will step in and try to help him by some misleading info, something he will reverse after the Debate. Also be prepared to be interrupted a lot more than Obama does, to be given less time to speak than Obama.  I still think people are wise to Obama and Moderator’s games now. I feel that provided Romney keeps his aggression, knowledge and personality (some singing ? )  he will win the Debate.

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Debate tips for Romney

Romney is riding high on his previous Debate success.

For the second debate he needs to :

Look Presidential

Be intuned to the people’s questions, be empathic.

Prosecute Obama hard on Benghazigate, press him on Economy ( remember this is not Obama’s strong suit so he is likely to say something ignorant when pressed) ask him for ideas, how he would grow the economy instead of status quo. (Rob Peter to pay Paul , keep juggling, grow nothing, diminish economy and when you need money to squander, extort the business owners or job creators  with some new tax or fine)

Be aggressive without being smarmy. You did a great job in the last Debate.

Look at Obama , he seems to get intimidated by eye contact with you.

Look at the camera when you are about to say something funny or pleasant. The feel-good lines.

Prepare for some aggression coming from Obama. But counter that with aggressive intelligent ideas of your own thus making him look like all aggression and not enough intellect.  A dumb thugster.

Obama will try hard to pander to women through abortion scare tactics. He will try to pander to minorities by inflaming his social justice theme.  Tell him that you dont want to appeal to the lowest common denominator and base fears. Rather you want to appeal to people’s highest dreams and aspirations.  No nation has ever succeeded by class warfare. And if he tries to bring up women’s cancer screening, mention your wife who is a cancer survivor and that you stood by her.

Make sure to reiterate I will repeal Obamacare at least 3x to rally your base.

Your demeanor should be: Mr Pres, you dont have a resume. If I had a sick company I would NOT hire you ( with your community organizer experience) at its helm. You have never even owned a lemonade stand in your life. You are uniquely UN-qualified to handle a trillion $ economy. Not at the expense of our hard working tax earners.

Look comfortable in a townhall setting. Warm up to the audience.

The Dems mantra is : Take Romney out! Take him out hard.  Your counter punch should be : It’s over buddy. I’ve dealt with bigger fish. You are a nobody. Don’t try to bully me thugster.  You have no resume. I can see right through you. Game up.

Show outrage at the fact that he squandered our tax money to the tune of 6 Billion and has NOTHING to show for it.  Tell him that you are here to STOP this. You won’t let him squander ONE more dollar of our hard earned money.  You will not allow him to steal from Medicare to fund Obamacare. You will not let him diminish our national security that our military fought so hard for. This is why you are running. Not for money, not for celebrity fame, you don’t need that. 

Remember  that Obama has a lot to prove. He will use tacky words, cliches and try to arouse negative emotions. You just need to hold your ground, not be pushed around by his aggression, look Presidential and press him hard on issues. Dont let him get an edge in words or scream over you. Be polite but very tough. Remember you are about to become the next President and take this unqualified man’s job. He wont quit easily. But you know how to handle him. You have the support of millions of people that is why you are up in every poll!

Good luck!

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Revealed : How the Dems have rigged the VP Debate

I am shocked and troubled to hear Martha Raddatz who is a good friend of Obama, even had him as her wedding guest, will be moderating the VP Debate just as the Dems are losing steam and desperately needing a good Debate to rise up in the polls.

With less than a month left for the Elections and so much riding on this debate was it wise of ABC to find a woman who has a personal relationship with Obama. Whose former husband got huge favors from Obama when he was appointed the head of FCC?

The fact that she had tried to hide this connection instead of offering full disclosure as soon as she was picked, makes it even more suspicious.

Why was she picked?

Which begs the next question. If her former husband is Obama close friend and beholden to Obama for his FCC job can one really trust that she will not lend a helping hand to his campaign which is on life support now!

Romney won the first Debate and got ahead in all polls just a week ago. The Dems are in panic mode right now. Is it a stretch to imagine Obama will try to call in a favor and get the question list for his VP to gain an advantage over his opponent ?

Some 70 million people will be watching. Is it fair to rig the Debate this way, ABC? Why couldn’t you find someone more objective.  It sullies your own reputation. Jim Lehrer for all his shortcomings was not a biased Liberal media hack or a buddy of Obamas.

If Biden does extremely well you know this will be highly suspicious. Did he get the question list in advance? Did he practise for a week while Paul Ryan didn’t have a clue what the question list would be. Why do you want a shadow of such doubt hanging over your network.

If this was a trial I am sure for the purpose of fairness the Judge would have to step down. Isn’t a Presidential Elecetion just as crucial as that? Why risk it by picking this woman as moderator, of all people!

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Debate Tips for Paul Ryan

Obama media lapdogs are fuming at the mouth. The Dems are frustrated and hoping to unleash on Paul Ryan next week for the Romney Debate win.

Romney has just started gaining steam. The dems will do anything they can to halt this momentum. So far Romney hasn’t said anything to distract from his successs. The Dems are hoping Paul Ryan will provide an Achilles Heel which will help them bury the success of this Debate and start focusing on that Debate.

Which means Paul Ryan has to outperform Romney’s success.

High stakes and high pressure.

I think he can do it.

-He needs to first highlight his selling points, personality, likeability, youth.

-Prepare his facts and figures to be precise because that is where the Dems think they will get him , on some discrepancy and call him a liar.

– He needs to analyze Biden’s weaknesses. Biden underneath his jokes and friendly uncle persona is the most bitter nasty partisan.  He is also overly emotional and can go off on a tangent when provoked.  So, either provoke the nasty Biden or the emotional blabbering Biden. If you can do either or both its over. You will come out looking like the golden boy , philosopher prince.

– Watch old debates and see what pushes his buttons. He has his weaknesses. When Biden goes off on a tangent he makes a prize ass of himself all by himself. You want that to happen.

– Paul, You want to portray a message of hope to a nation that has feels duped, restore faith in the faithless hearts and heal the wounded in spirit. You can do it. In your closing statement  as well as when you get a chance to drop a few words of encouragement here and there. It will also make Biden look really jaded.

– Expect some sympathy cards to be played by Biden when he inevitably brings up his dead wife for the nth time.  But hopefully the damage will be done by numerous gaffes and talking too much.

– Don’t let Biden challenge you into explaining some long drawn out plan of yours or Mitt’s which is confusing with a lot of areas they can jump on. Keep things simple for the viewer. If he pushes ask him a difficult question and let him explain.

– Always mention Romney’s plans and Romney’s message to make it clear you are a team. Many people thought Sarah Palin was out for herself and not a team with McCain. Let them not think the same about you. Sound like a team player and a standard bearer for the conservative movement , tea party, young Repubs, liberatarians, disillusioned partiless people, the lost and the hurting.

– Noone can advocate the topic of Medicare better than you. But get your facts checked. Do not misquote any number. They will jump on it you know it. Address the seniors and warn them about rationing and death panels which Obamacare has brought already into their lives. Sneakily its crept into their health care. Tell them its been a uphill battle for conservatives to repeal it. Romney is our last hope for repealing Obamacare. They should vote for Romney to get their individual power back, not be at the mercy of panels, rationing and also get their $716 B back which is their money.

–  Address the youth. People who have not known any politician’s name other than Obama. Explain to them what you and Mitt represent. They will listen. Many will identify with YOU more than they did with Obama. Remember Obama is the President now, higher stature, patronizing! You can talk to them on their level and relate to them better.  You are also younger and know what a student or young adult wants.

– The main topic in this Election is the economy. Your forte! This is why you were chosen to be VP ( aside from your conservative tea party following ) The economy is not exactly Biden’s forte.  You will have an edge on that.  Rally the base.

– Read up on foreign policy. Get names, locations, dates exact. Biden is not in a good position for this topic in light of recent events. Lucky for you! This was Biden’s forte. But now the Admin has made a mess of this.

-Finally do the one thing Romney could not do. Address the Evangelicals. Quote from the scriptures to make your point. (false prophets etc) That should be enough to get their attention. Then explain to them the principles that are being violated right now.  Ask them to stand up and defend their principles of Jesus which every Christian must do. Also mention how Obamacare is forcing the Catholic Church to pay for contraceptives against their will.

– Just be your happy and humorous self. Bring your mom Betty. She is a crowd pleaser!

Good luck!

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Post Debate tips for Romney

First Debate over. Romney won. Now what?

How does Romney maintain this momentum until the Elections?

How does he win hearts and minds and not fall for some dirty tricks orchestrated by the Obama lapdog media?

A few pointers as to what he should do :

– Stick to as many Fox interviews as possible. O’Reilly, Hannity, Greta, Cavuto have Romney or Ryan on as much as possible.

– Hammer the swing states with pac ads. Use excerpts from the Debate. Let people see how inept Obama looked and sounded. Obama clearly has/had NO plans to fix the economy in the next 4 years. He has not even studied it much.He came unprepared without any facts figures or details. Maybe he missed his economy briefings in favor of The View?

– If I were an undecided voter I would not trust Obama at the helm for the next 4 years, Its like he didnt care to study the issues very well. Even when he knows his political career is in jeopardy. I dont think if he won re-election he would suddenly feel the urge to study the problem and fix it? Make this point in the ads over and over again.

– Romney campaign send the most savvy operatives to go on TV. Do not send RINOs like Joe Scarborough to go on Meet The Press. They will hurt more than help.

– Do as many rallies as you can in OHIO . They are voting as we speak.

– Play up the death panel and rationing part. Obama was very dumb to engage in discussions about those topics. Seniors will be scared when they hear that.

– Don’t lose the momentum you gain after this Debate. Be on top of your game. Keep that aggression.

-Balance your toughness on the economy with your sensitive musing about the Constitution. That was very touching.

Good luck!